Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wen anak ko.

This monkey almost killed me. Ill tell you the story someday, but i thought i would just post the picture as a good memory.
No explanation.
Thats quality Filipino transportation right there. We only take the best buses...
Christmas Zone Conference. Thats our zone and candon zone combined.

Merry Christmas!

Thats what im talking about. Funky flavored tunafish on a pile of rice. Elder Thornton and I's favorite/specialty.
Elder T. and I were thinking about moving into this house. We couldnt get it approved though.
Vigan City! These buildings go back to the days when the spanish ruled the philippines. There are some pretty cool sights to see here.
Its not christmas without the c-mas tree. Last night we put lights on our tree and plugged it in next to our beds to get the real spirit of christmas filling our home. We are pretty cool.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

More from Badoc

Just posing on a bridge for a good scenic shot. I have no idea how to spell scenic.

E. McGee wanted me to get a snap of that as we were ridding in a jeep the other day. He is indeed a sexy rider.

Last zone leaders council.

Bro. Rudy Reyes. We were really excited for Rudy to get baptized and are just as excited as he will get the priesthood in a few weeks and begin strenthening the ward.

E. McKee and I on an exchange. This is who Elder McGee will be replacing as the assistant. E. McKee is opening a closed area and training for the last two transfers of his mission. Good guy. You might see him on USU hoops before i get back. He's a giant out here. They say im tall but the philippino kids run in horror when he walks around the corner. He is 6'7".

Sunday, October 19, 2008


This is in the mission home at zone leaders council. That's elder mcgee on the right and his former companion on the left. Last transfer they had jumpsuits made and were wearing them when president came to their house for interviews. They are some pretty funny dudes. haha
Happy B-Day to me. Our celebration was pretty lame but memoral. I blew out candles a smashed cupcake that brittany sent me.
I was trying to show my unexpressable joy upon recieving so mush love and goodness. American food is a coveted thing amongst the forieng missionaries so i was everyone's best friend for a while there.
That is balot my friends. I made a failing attempt at swallowing that half developed duck egg. E. McGee loves balot. The taiste in reality is not that bad, but just looking at the thing makes me puke a little bit.
These are the kids and neighboors of one of our investigators, sister shirley. Cute little pinoys if i do say myself.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Goodbye Camalaniugan

This is the baptismal service the saturday before i got transfered. The two wee-boppers are just 8 year old member's kids. The picture below is of Brother Gonzaga. (He is the former gambling lord who has diabetes and we gave a bap date to on our first appt.)
Laquindanum Family. I got word that they have been interviewed and are going to be baptized this saturday the 18th. We worked with that family for a very long time. Almost my whole three transfers there. Too bad I wont be there for their big day.

Urubio family. If you can get past the fact sister is breastfeeding in the picture you will notice she looks to have been shedding some tears. That was tender good bye. Im in love with her kids. They got baptized the saturday after i left.
E. Liwanag and I posing before I headed out of Cagayan and onto Ilokos Norte.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Love from OHIO

This is the boring one. We thought we were funny cause we only know one chord on the guitar....but watching it back, it's not as funny as we thought. Oh well.

Happy Birthday anyway! Lots of Love!!

Chelsea & Jerr....sorry Elliot was in bed when we made this, but he loves you too!


This is the exciting one! Happy Birthday! We love you.

ps: just in case you don't have sound where you are we threw in actions for your visual enjoyment :)

Blowin' Out The Candle!

Hey Dies, you will need to turn your volume up for these videos. We hope you enjoy them!

Happy Birthday To You!!!

Happy Birthday Derek!!!

We had a birthday party to celebrate your birthday Dies! I hope you know how loved you are!

Grams and Gramps came over and ate dinner and then watched the boys play in the backyard.
Tyrali's new braces! Isn't she cute.
The King family, minus Max!
Me, TJ, and my cute Hayden bug.
Carter hit homeruns all day!

He is growing his hair out, what do you think?
Dad loves you!
This is Max, and his best friend TY!

Cupcakes in your honor.
Carter and Kenzie made this poster for you.

Grams, and her best friend Hayden.

We sure do love you Dies. We hope you had a great Birthday. Thanks for being such a great example to all of us.

Who's Toes Are Those!!!

Here's a fun game! Can you guess who's feet each one of these are? Whitney wouldn't participate for fear of breaking the camera with the webs! :)
Love you! :)